Colin’s 100 Original Warm-ups (27, 37, 54, 73, 93)

Dr. Charles Colin, 100 Original Warm-ups (Charles Colin), 7-23.

Click here for the ENTIRE lesson plan (routine).

Things to remember when you practice

  1. 5 times 10 breathing exercise before you begin
  2. Models for each study: Single, Triple tongue; slur three; slur measure
  3. Play each study in one breath (if possible)
  4. Rest whenever necessary
  5. Rest as long as you play
  6. Work toward speeding up the exercises

Second Study, ex. #27

Third Study, ex. #37

Fourth Study, ex. #54

Fifth Study, ex. #73

Sixth Study, ex. #93

The videos show how developing trumpet players at my level should practice this type of flexibility exercise, or tongue level study, according to Claude Gordon and my teacher, Bruce Haag. The mistakes you’ll hear are ones common to developing trumpeters and will diminish over time, as I naturally discover the knack of trumpet playing. (see my notes on the videos)

Bruce Haag is a certified Claude Gordon instructor, and the practice routines he assigns serve to set goals for progress and to help the student understand exactly what is causing the progress.

The Systematic Approach: trumpet and brass players can naturally discover the knack of trumpet playing

“There’s plenty of room at the top – there’s plenty of room at the bottom, too. It’s in the middle where it’s over-crouded. Most players are in that middle group. You have got to practice and learn to play correctly until you get above that group.”

— Claude Gordon

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  1. David Roberts January 8, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

    I’m not entirely pleased with the way my triple tongue was sounding today – lots of chipped notes. On days where this is happening, it helps to slow things down. Since this has not been regularly happening in practice lately, I tried to “ride it out” at the tempo I started with – not a good idea.

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